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Our industry expertise and a genuine mindset to rescue clients are our building blocks

Debt Workout

  • MSL speaks the language of both the financier and the borrower, therefore, we advise practical solutions that are mutually beneficial and acceptable in addressing debt repayment challenges.
  • We work with our clients and their lenders to restructure terms of their debt contract and negotiate to remedy or avoid default and do so responsibly.
  • We work to ensure that our clients with viable businesses are rescued
  • We provide solid guidance to our clients to access affordable finance based on their unique financial and business requirements.
  • We provide training in financial literacy.
  • We work to create value throughout our interactions between our client and the lender and ensure we are available to guide and monitor the work out plan until full execution.
  • We will help you turn over a new leaf and set you on a path to a responsible financial future.
  • Seek the guidance and expertise of experienced professionals in handling financial matters  

Business Advisory & Financial Consulting


  • We work with lenders in developing practical and pro-active plans and solutions for addressing delinquent portfolios and develop sustainable recovery plans to remedy default and minimize risk of credit loss.


  • We support and offer strategic guidance to our clients so as to enhance their strategic decision making process.
  • Using modeling tools, strategic planning analysis and financial capacity analysis, to name a few, we help to establish the most appropriate growth strategy to better equip our clients to be and remain competitive.

Business Process Improvement

  • We provide support with aligning the formulated strategy with company structure, systems and processes to improve productivity and profitability.

Capital Raising

Find the best financing solution with MSL

Raising capital can be a challenging “adventure” unless you are expert in the various kinds of financings and have access to an array of capital sources.

At MSL, we have broad and deep background in the financing markets. We stay on top of market conditions and new innovations, and are in constant touch with financing sources to understand how pricing and structures are changing.

We act as a private placement agent to raise debt and/or equity on behalf of our clients. We strive to find the right financing partners to achieve the most economically attractive and flexible structure, consistent with market conditions and management objectives.

about us

At the core of our strategy is our customer’s interest

Our company was formed to provide a bridging platform between financier and debtor to work out possible debt restructuring schemes amicably and collectively without resorting to legal proceedings. In all cases, we aim to remedy or avoid default.

We offer expert strategic advice to clients involved in distressed debt, non-performing loans and complex challenging operational circumstances.

We act as a conduit between the borrower and the lender, creating a conducive environment that satisfies both parties to succeed.

Financial rescue of individuals and companies in debt and financial distress is our focus. Therefore, MSL Credit Solutions offers the momentum for debt workout by way of negotiations and we take on a role of facilitating instead of directing negotiations
Our Mission

Negotiating sustainable, mutually beneficial and responsible solutions for borrowers and lenders is our mission

Our history

The MSL Story

Behind the Founder’s experience and banking domain knowledge, vests a strong foundation of providing solutions to customers by way of managing a component within the credit management process which remained unaddressed. MSL was set up to offer personalized services to customers undergoing financial stress and uncertainty.

Experience showed that;

  • Bottom of the pyramid individuals or small businesses are more vulnerable to be swamped with collection calls. Clearly, these lack experience, resources, knowledge or time to resolve their debt related issues which are left to escalate to a point of loss.
  • Whilst these borrowers may be of good character and willing to repay their debt, they may not have sufficient money to repay all their obligations and in some instances may be incompetent to negotiate realistic terms of debt settlement.
  • Others have unique challenges which make them unable to afford monthly repayments and if given reasonable time, can afford lumpsum settlements.
  • Others are in severe financial distress and without expert objective guidance, may end up losing out.
  • On the other hand, lenders in most instances make their decisions based on rigid policy requirements which tend to overlook the changing borrower circumstances.
  • Lenders may not have the time, patience or resources to analyse and understand the unique situations that their individual borrowers may be going through which are not revealed in their statement or records.

why choose us

Benefits of Consulting with MSL

Equipped with experience and knowledge, we made it our agenda that we could come up with a solution that addresses the challenges identified in most dominant credit practices. MSL was conceived to offer support to borrowers at their most vulnerable point. A time where even the smartest are at their wits end. Therefore, having someone with an objective lens to review their case and advise is of utmost importance.

We want to negotiate better, affordable and mutually beneficial credit terms for struggling borrowers and their lenders. MSL is envisaged to be the preferred bridging platform between financiers and debtors to work out debt restructuring schemes amicably and collectively targeting the least amount of losses.

Our collaborative and transparent approach have led to positive results for many of our clients.

Driven by our passion:

  • We negotiate and resolve complex debt situations responsibly.
  • We expose the challenges that our clients may be going through that a bank statement or lender’s record cannot show.
  • We device rescue plans with a long term perspective and endeavor to offer success on both parties involved.
  • We are 100% committed to providing our clients with the best services possible.
Our Vision is to be the leading and preferred company for Individuals, SMEs and Corporates with distressed debt in Zambia. We shall carefully and responsibly craft rescue plans that satisfy all parties involved. Our company will be the difference in establishing a financially stable and responsible future.


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